Board of Supervisors Meeting Review

photo 1 (2)San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors unanimously passed legislation this month requiring employers to consider their workers’ requests for flexible work hours to support those who work and take care of children.

President David Chiu’s legislation will allow busy parents to balance work and family time. In 2011, 36 percent of Noe Valley households are families with children, about 4.5 percent above the number of San Francisco households with children. In a neighborhood with high numbers of children, working parents will have more support from the City.

Though the legislation received opposition from some businesses, they hope it will both benefit employers as much as it benefits working parents.

Chiu presented how other countries, such as Australia, have adopted the measure and have seen an increase in productivity. Chiu hopes this legislation will take steps towards changing the workplace culture and promote more positivity for parents who need to have flexible work hours.

“This is an excellent first step towards supporting working parents,” said Supervisor Eric Mar.

Noe Valley’s district supervisors Scott Wiener is also co-sponsoring one of Supervisor David Campos’ request for analysts to create an economic impact report on San Francisco’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender festivals and events.

photo 2 (1)

The report would analyze the impact of events including PRIDE, Trans March, Dyke March, Dorey Alley Street Fair, Castro Street Fair and Pink Friday.

Wiener, who actively participates in issues surround San Francisco’s LGBT community, later said in an email that, “We need increased city support for our community’s events. Showing the economic impact of the events will help us make a stronger case.”

Wiener also proposed the “Regulating the Width of Sidewalks” ordinance which passed with an unanimous vote. The ordinance will eliminate the official sidewalk width on a portion of Elk Street, between Chenery and Sussex Street to make way for the renovation of Glen Canyon Park.

A Special Tax Financing Law that Wiener sponsored with the Mayor and Supervisor Katy Tang also unanimously passed. The ordinance will authorize financing by special tax districts of work deemed necessary to bring commercial and private properties into compliance with seismic safety standards or regulations.


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